The aim of the institution is to develop students into fully capable, visionary, innovative and socially conscious human resource for India. The institution is committed to sensitize its students and employees about the values, rights, duties and responsibilities as envisaged in the constitution.

 There is regular celebration of the Independence Day and the Republic Day every year with the participation of staff and students to remind them about the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters in the National Movement. Besides this, the celebration of Voter’s Day, Constitution Day, Hindi Diwas, Birth anniversaries of different national leaders and other such occasions are instrumental in sensitizing students and staff about the constitutional values of India. The Legal Literacy Cell is very active in spreading awareness among students about the legal rights and duties of Indian citizens.

The Women Cell organizes different gender related programmes reinforcing among students the equitable rights given in the constitution and also the related duties. The NSS and NCC units are actively engaged in inculcating among students a basic understanding about their role towards society. ‘Not Me But You’ is the mantra given to the students by these activities.

 The college staff is abide by the governmental rules and regulations and work under the broader framework stipulated by the constitution. They pledge allegiance to the constitution while joining their job. The different training programmes, workshops have topics related to the constitutional obligations. Thus, there are different mediums used by the college administration and teachers to sensitize students and employees about constitutional obligations.

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